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ACREST staff received a training on assembling LED lamps

March-April 2007

Merlain Djousse

Ing. Melin Djousse of ACREST, during a presentation in China  Octobre-Novembre 2006.

Visit of members of Communities based organisations at ACREST. 




Aline QUENETTE, during an interview with women on the relationship between Energy and poverty in rural Cameroon.  The final report is available at ACREST for consultation.

Discovered Renewable Energy

Community of Mepibua (with a 25 m water fall) visiting ACREST. Juin 2006


University Students at ACREST librairy

Students from the University of Dschang at ACREST in June 2006. 

Simon Pierre Yontu

Mr. Yontu Simon, of ACREST, during his presentation in Hangzhou, China.   April 2006.