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[May - June 2010] 15 students from Purdue University spent one month working with ACREST staff on three innovative projects:

1- Construction of a specially designed BUV for Africa


2- Construction of low-cost wind turbine

3- Feasibility study on improving hydro power generation at ACREST.

[May-June 2009] MIT students internship at ACREST

Mary, Katie Pesce and Cecilia Scott all from MIT spent 2 months working with ACREST staff on several projects: The construction of a teadle pump, construction of a wind pump and a development of a business model for ACREST's products. They also did a lot of water testing in the village.


Katie building the sail of the wind pump

Wind saills on the tower

Treadle pump built by Mary with the assistance of ACREST staff

Testing of a treadle pump built by Mary.

[May 2009] Purdue University students internship at ACREST



 A group of students from Purdue University in the United States spent a weeklong visit with their professor at ACREST.  The purpose of their trip was to explore the possibility of a long-term partnership between Purdue University and ACREST.  In the near future, engineering students will be coming to ACREST to conduct research on low-cost vehicles for rural areas.   https://engineering.purdue.edu/ABE/AboutUs/NewsAndEvents/Spotlights/ABEVisitsBangangCameroon

[June 2008] Mr. Harry A. G. Vernooy, a Netherlands Senior Expert of PUM (www.pum.nl) is in 10 days visit at ACREST follow ACREST request for technical assistance.
The aim of this mission is to assess ACREST’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats. Mr Vernooy who is a retired international development expert with outstanding experience in vocational training and business development will provide constructive recommendations so that the centre can deliver successfully.

Mr. Harry A. G. Vernooy and Simon Yontu (ACREST Manager)

Mr. Vernooy and Nassir (improved stoves expert)


[Aout - Septembre 2007] Eng. David Gichubi, expert on micro-hydro machines is in Cameroon to build the capacity of ACREST staff in manufacturing of small turbines. A 60 KW micro-hydro plant is under construction.

[March-April-May2007] A staff member of Crafskills spent 3 months in ACREST to provide training on the manufacture of wind turbines and the construction of LED lamps. Details info on the realisations can be seen at:  (http://www.craftskills.biz/hydro-cameroon.htm)

[04-January-2007] ACREST acquires two wind generators from China for energy production and demonstration.

[10-20-Decembre-2006] ACREST staff in Kénya

[23-October-2006] ACREST staff in China


[23-October-2006] A student from France Aline Quenette doing her internship at ACREST from April to Septembre 2006. Visit her photo gallery during the work in the village.


A diaframe pump built by a student from the University of Dschang during his intership at Acrest. More pictures to come soon.  [23-Septembre-2006]

Les grandes ambitions par des actions simples

Au Cameroun, 60 % des maladies sont causées par le manque d’accès à l’eau potable. Le Dr. Vincent Kitio, conseiller technique à ONU-Habitat à Naïrobi au Kenya, pense qu’à des coûts faibles, le Cameroun peut initier et vulgariser des technologies simples pour améliorer les conditions de vie des populations. Parmi celles ci, il préconise, la vulgarisation des pompes simples, l’utilisation des moulins à eau, etc. Les techniques de pompage avec des pompes simples, inventées par les Romains il y a 2000 ans restent généralement peu connues des Camerounais. La pompe est constituée d’un cylindre, d’un piston et de 2 valves est encore inconnu des soudeurs camerounais. Beaucoup d’autres pompes simples ont été inventées aux cours des siècles derniers pour faire face à ce problème d’accès à l’eau. La vulgarisation à grande échelle de ces technologies simples auprès des soudeurs du quartier à prix réduit, permettra de faire du slogan “accès à l’eau pour tous!" une réalité.