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Organic Power

The biogas technology is a process of bio-degradation of organic waste under anaerobic (without air) condition. The gas produced during this process is call biogas and can be used for lighting and cooking. The effluent resulting from the bio-degradation is a good fertilizer for crop production.
The biogas produced by a digester can be used as it is, just in the same way as any other combustible gas.

Waste from vegetable markets is often indiscriminately dumped in the surroundings, leading to disagreeable smells, the spread of disease and environmental pollution.

Tons of market waste can be converted into lighting and cooking energy through the conversion into biogas, which will save money otherwise used to buy liquid petroleum gas. This will create income-generating opportunities, help preserve the environment and produce useful fertiliser for farmers.

Biogas technology can play a vital role in solving some of the major problems faced by the African societies.

Well-functioning biogas systems can generate several benefits for their owners:

  • production of energy for cooking and lighting;
  • transformation of organic waste into fertilizer;
  • improvement of hygienic conditions by reducing flies;

Surplus of energy.

Biogas burners produced by CAMARTEC, the Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation and Rural Technology in Tanzania, based in Arusha, with extensive know-how on biogas technology.