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Our vision
Achievement of self-reliance and economic independence.


To promote RETs and ST for poverty eradication;

To provide quality information on RETs and ST that can bring basic social change;

To fight ignorance on energy/technology in all its forms and manifestation;

To train artisans (wood, metal workers, mechanic etc) and school leavers in technical subjects not covered by the traditional education system, with special emphasis on applied science in RETs and ST.

To manufacture machines, tools and appliances that can be used to harness the untapped energy potential in Africa.

To manufacture basic tools for basic need such as:

  • water supply technology (pumps for both household and public use);
  • food-processing equipments (maize mills, );
  • food conservation;
  • Energy efficient stoves

ACREST goalds are:

 To propose and be part of the solution by actively involve in the efforts that improve the living condition of people.

To promote, facilitate and initiate social development projects and programmes that bring tangible positive impact to the basic living conditions of people.
To strengthen the capacity of small and medium manufacturing enterprises in producing basic need goods.
To reverse rural-urban migration trend by creating conducive conditions in rural area that will attract urban people with better living environment and job opportunities.


Design a long term programme as solution package to respond to the current pressing social needs and need for basic services (access to water, electricity and food processing technique) by the vulnerable groups.

Encourage the creation of others information and services centres on renewable energy that will address basic community challenges.

Work in partnership with associations, community based organizations, non-governmental organizations and associations in designing projects and programmes, seeking financial resources and implement projects.

Mobilise financial resource and technical assistance to promote professional training on renewable energy and sustainable technology,

Support capacity building programme by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars.

Areas of intervention

Information and Education

Access to knowledge is the basic requirement for any meaningful development and the fight against ignorance (the main cause of poverty).

Access to water

Water is life. By reducing the distance between the water point and the household, people will have more time to dedicate to other activities. The health condition of people will improve.

ACREST give great importance to water supply technology and intends to train and manufacture affordable equipments and appliance for the provision of water.

Service provision; Food processing; Production of spare parts; Access to energy; Micro hydro energy; Wind energy; Biogas; Solar energy; Access to affordable technology; Transport; Food processing; Manufacturing; Shelter and civil work; Design and implement project on RETs and ST.

Acrest is currently working on the construction and testing of low cost hand pump for shallow well.

Acrest is building a micro-hydro plan that will provide electricity to over 500 households.

“Ignorance is a pathway to death! People are dying because of lack of knowledge”

ACREST main tasks consist in:
Collecting information and know-how on appropriate technology from both developed and developing world;
Adapt it to the local social, cultural and economical context;
Demonstrate how it works; how it can save time by avoiding tedious handwork;
Promote its replication by local artisan, and diffusion through the local market.

ACREST focuss on 2 main categories

1-Renewable Energies
Solar energy, hydo-energy, Wind energy, Biomass, Biogas and Muscular energy.
2-Sustainable technologies
pumps (water supply), food processing equipments, transport, improved cooking stoves, low-cost building techniques, sanitation, receycling etc.


Presentation of ACREST